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Jeff Aubry

Aubry Financial / Aligned Capital Partners Inc.


12 Damson St. St. Catharines ON L2S 4B2



Financial Advisor
Tel: 9056581046
Cell: 9056581046


I have done many things in my life - soldier, scientist, hi-tech marketing, to name a few. In 2003, my family established a small winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake called Coyote’s Run. It was a my first time working for myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed building the business from a neglected vineyard to a thriving craft winery. We had a lot of fun over the following 13 years, but eventually my folks wanted to retire, and so we sold the winery in 2016. Afterwards, I taught myself how to properly invest the proceeds, and discovered that I really enjoyed the process of setting financial goals and investing planning. That is when I had the AH-HA moment: I would really like to help others do the same thing. So, in 2017 I completed the necessary courses, obtained the required license (IIROC), and embarked on a new (and final) career as a financial advisor. Since then, I have been really enjoying my new career, and I get a lot of satisfaction in helping others with their financial goals.

After my fourth year in the financial services industry, I came to another AH-HA moment: big investment firms say they put clients first, but it really is not true. They put themselves first — covering the costs of big offices and a large corporate staff is the main goal of these large firms. That translates into hundreds (or thousands) of clients per advisor, which certainly is not good for the clients.

It is my belief that an advisor with fewer clients will be better able to serve their clients, and with less overhead costs, the client will benefit from lower fees. That’s what Aubry Financial is all about.

Outside of the world of financial services, I like to keep fit, cook, travel the globe, and spend time with my wife, two daughters, and our pets.



Investment Advice (IIROC licensed) - stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, private investments
Life Insurance (LLQP licensed) - life insurance, annuities, segregated funds
Financial Planning