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Where does the meeting taking place?

Please see our location page.

When do meetings start?

Every Thursday (except on holidays and special occasions) at 7:00am sharp.

What Fees Are Involved?

There is a one time registration for new members – $24.00
Annual membership dues – $276.00
Meeting room fee – $14.50 per week (that includes your breakfast, beverage, tax and tip). This fee is collected monthly.

How Should I Prepare for The Meeting?

To make the most of our meeting, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

  • Bring plenty of business cards to share with members
  • Feel free to bring any promotional brochures / flyers to handout.
  • We’ll give you 60 seconds so you can give the members an infomercial about your business and to tell us who might be good referral for you.
  • Come a bit early so we can get you registered and so you will have time to network with the members and any other guests prior to the meeting.
  • Feel free to take notes, just bring a pen & paper.

What Should I expect?

Our meetings are structured. We do this to make sure meetings stay focused on generating referral business. That’s why we start the meeting at 7 AM sharp and get everyone out the door by 8:30am so they can get back to their businesses. We have a weekly Meeting Outline that we follow, and you will receive one when you register so that you can follow along during the meeting. In the mean time, here are just some of things you can expect after registration:

  • Informal Networking Session for Guests & Club Members
  • Everyone Takes Their Seats for Breakfast
  • Welcoming Visitors & Guests
  • A Bit About The Club and The Introduction of The Club Officials & Committees
  • Business Tip of the Week – Networking, Government Regulations, Customer Service, Selling Skills, Motivation, etc.
  • Circulation of Business Cards – Guests & Club Members
  • Learn About Each Other’s Businesses – Guests & Club Members Give 60 Second Infomercial
  • A Club Member Makes A Presentation to Feature Their Business
  • Weekly Activity Reports Are Given – Introductions, Fire Side Chats, Thanks, Visitors & Testimonials
  • Meeting Adjourned